This project was a complete gut which included a whole new front facade. When a house is really old and there is nothing worth saving, we would usually recommend a complete tear-down and rebuild. However, this building was wider and deeper than the current zoning regulations allowed giving the owner more than 1,000sf of additional living space. If we kept at least 3 original exterior walls, the project would be considered a remodeling and therefore exempt from the new zoning restrictions. Even the floors were removed and rebuilt to give higher ceilings at all levels.

The owners wanted their new home to have a traditional looking façade. A rich terra cotta brick color was used as the background for the more detailed limestone building base, entry portico, window casings, and cornice to take priority and prominence. One of the more prominent features inside the house is a 4-story, open, winding, wood staircase. The main living level is organized in an open plan concept to maximize space.

The owners often entertain weekend visitors and therefore wanted the lower level to be a 2-bedroom apartment; complete with kitchen, living room and private walk-out garden patio. The 2-1/2 car garage is connected to the main house with a rear exit stair which is clad in titanium panels. The roof of the garage was designed as a roof deck accessible from the rear stair and is primarily used for outside parties since there is very little rear yard.